Music is everywhere

Music is everywhere

We are building the music distribution and gaming platform for everyone to create and play with music in a fun way!

Created by entrepreneurs, engineers, music lovers and blockchain experts.

CORE TEAM From Amanotes | The #1 music game publisher in the world.

Cadenverse Office

Future of "Cadenverse"

We describe Cadenverse as a multiverse where players and their characters will freely navigate between different universes to create and play with music.


Why you should join Cadenverse?


A Multiverse owned by players and creators

Our multiverse is aimed to be owned and governed by the community of players and creators. That is why the treasury of Cadenverse will be redistributed to reward active contribution and creation within the ecosystem. All users will be incentivized to participate in the development and decision making of the multiverse.

in Cadenverse, blockchain and NFT will be used for


We will use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to provide full ownership of the characters, abilities and associated collectibles to the players.


The songs and sound mixes created on our platform will be NFT collectibles marked with immuable records of their history for their creators. As such, players can freely decide to exchange, give or sell those creations.


To reward our content artists, we will use a blockchain infrastructure to provide transparency and tracking of created contents.


Managing Partner at HUB Global

Minh Cao

Minh  Cao

Co-founder and CEO at Sandbox Network

Pilsung Lee

Pilsung Lee

Solution & Publishing Manager at Amanotes

Ji-Myung Sung

Ji-Myung Sung

Business Advisor

Augie Ilag

Augie Ilag

Co-Founder & CEO at Amanotes

Bill Vo

Bill Vo



From Musicians To Music Multiverse

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